Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Slicethepie is designed to provide feedback and reviews across multiple categories. The following terms will ensure that you have fun and review to the best of your ability. As a general rule, remember that every review counts so be constructive and have fun!

Rules of Use

1. Slicethepie grants you a limited right to provide feedback on various types of media, provided that you fully comply with the following terms of use.

2. Be aware that your reviews go directly to content creators, e.g artists, record labels, designers and buyers. Try to be as descriptive and comprehensive as possible and ensure your reviews are constructive, written in good English and refer to a number of attributes of the item.

3. Please do not misuse Slicethepie or engage in illegal activity whilst using Slicethepie. If we discover that you have misused Slicethepie or engaged in any illegal activity we reserve the right to suspend your account immediately.

4. Illegal activity shall include, but is not limited to, the following: use of a third party’s Intellectual property such as trademarks, logos or any confidential information without its express authorisation; being defamatory or offensive in your feedback; or breaching your duty of confidentiality.

5. Your account may only be open to you for a limited period of time at Slicethepie’s discretion and subject to complying with these Rules.

Confidentiality, Misuse of information and Social Media

6. You agree to keep all information provided to you by Slicethepie or its partners or customers confidential. Confidential means that you agree not to share it, steal it, distribute it, copy it, modify it, publish it, or permit the use of any information provided to you for trial by any third party for any purpose.

7. Misuse of information includes but is not limited to: sharing any information provided in any form of social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia, YouTube, Pinterest, podcasts, other social networking sites; and all other content based internet postings, including audio-visual files, photographs, videos and blogs.

8. Misuse shall also include submitting feedback and reviews via a proxy server, using a bot, writing inappropriate offensive comments, using a translation tool to write reviews, writing reviews in poor English and not writing about the relevant product.

Intellectual Property and Privacy Policy

9. Sometimes, the information shared with you for feedback is protected by trademarks, service marks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights owned by Slicethepie, its customers or its partners. You agree not to misuse or infringe any trademarks, service marks, copyrights or other intellectual property rights in the information provided for trial feedback.

10. If you do make a mistake, please admit it, be upfront and be quick with your correction and notify us at the following email address: info@slicethepie.com. We are reasonable people and will do our best to help you make it right.

11. Any personal details that are shared with us will always be protected by us. We will not email you unless there is something special going on relevant to you and you can opt in or out of these communications at any time by going to the ‘email preferences’ tab in the My Account section of the website. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

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