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What is Slicethepie?

We help people make decisions.

It's simple. We pay you to write reviews on new songs, fashion items, accessories and commercials before they are released. Your reviews go directly to unsigned artists/fashion designers etc. to give them feedback. You also help us to find the best brands and artists to put forward for radio placement and other opportunities.

How do I review on Slicethepie?

Once you've logged in, you'll be asked to choose which category you’d like to review. If you’ve chosen music: hit the play button and start listening to the track. You can start writing your review straight away, comment on what you liked/disliked, be specific about the aspects of the track (i.e. vocals, instrumental, rhythm, production etc.). Note you’ll need to listen to at least 90 seconds of the track. Once you’ve rated out of ten you can submit. If you’ve chosen to review fashion or mobile: have a look at the pictures and information on the product provided and comment on the design, material, whether you’d buy it etc. Rate the item out of 10 and answer any other questions. Once you’re happy, submit your review, then on to the next one! In order to review you'll need to have a good internet connection, with a minimum bitrate of 300kbps. Don’t forget you can also review on the mobile app!

I've registered, now what?

Once you've registered, you'll be sent a confirmation email. Please click the link in this email to confirm your account and then you'll be all set! Make sure to check your Spam folder and add Slicethepie to your list of trusted senders. If you have any trouble with the link in your email, please forward the email on to us at so that we can take a look.

If you haven't received your confirmation email, you can request another by logging in to the site (you'll then be prompted at this point).

Do I get paid?

Yep! Slicethepie pay you to review... we've now had over 10 million reviews submitted and paid out more than $1 million to our reviewers! (This grows by the day though so check the ticker on the homepage for the actual numbers!)

How do I get paid more?

Your payment per review is based on your Star Rating and the quality of your review. You can earn more by submitting detailed, varied and constructive reviews in well-written English. The better your review, the bigger the bonus payment. We are encouraging scouts to leave detailed reviews and will reward them for their time/effort!

What are Standard $, Bonus $$ and Max $$$?

Some categories will pay more than others, depending on what is priority. We’ll let you know what is paying more when you reach the category page. You can always change what you’re reviewing by clicking on Review in the menu bar at the top of the page.

What does my Star Rating mean?

This is a measure of the quality of your reviews, compared with all other reviewers. The more Stars you have the more you'll earn!

How do I get my money?

Easy! Any earnings can be withdrawn to a PayPal account (which needs to match the email address on your Slicethepie account). Go to Balance in your account and fill in your date of birth. If you can’t remember your DOB please drop us an email and as a security measure we’ll need you to attach some ID which shows your name and date of birth. (Feel free to blank out any information you don’t wish to share with us.)

The minimum PayPal withdrawal is $10. PayPal payments take up to 5 working days to process as we read all your reviews before paying you. Generally, payments are made on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if it has been over 5 working days since you made your request please drop us an email on From time to time we spot suspicious activity on an account, in those circumstances we will have emailed you explaining any action taken. If you need to change the email address on your account to match your PayPal account just drop us an email!

Why am I being paid in US dollars?

Slicethepie operates in dollars no matter where you're based. Don't worry though, we have scouts from all over the world who get paid successfully each week! Once you've withdrawn money from your Slicethepie account, it can then be converted in PayPal to your currency.

Why are some of the tracks I review anonymous?

Some artists choose to submit their tracks as anonymous; please review these as you would any other tracks!

Can I change the genres I scout?

It's not possible to change genre preferences on the site, but this may be possible in future. Genre preferences won't affect the tracks that you are asked to review at this point as tracks are fed randomly.

We do have a wide variety of music on the site, with new tracks uploaded every day, so you should find that you do hear lots of different genres!

I'm an artist and want to sign up to get feedback on my tracks. How do I do this?

You can get SoundOut analytics on your tracks through our partners at ReverbNation and TuneCore. Head over to for more information!

I've forgotten my password; how can I get a password reset?

To have a new password sent straight to your inbox, please click on Reset Password on the Slicethepie Log In page and enter your email address. Please ensure you check your spam folder for this email.

How do I change my password?

First log in to your Slicethepie account and then head to your Account section. Go to Change Password and follow the instructions.

How do I change my email address on Slicethepie?

If you'd like to change your email address on the site then we can do that for you. To do so, please email us on from the address under which you're currently registered on Slicethepie. Within the email, please specify the address under which you'd like your account registered from now on. We'll then make the change for you!

How do I close my Slicethepie account?

All you need to do is log in and go to your Account. Click on Close Account, you'll then need to type in the confirmation text to finalise your closure.

Why do you need to know my location?

We need you to provide your location details in order to optimise your scouting experience and to tailor promotions to you, such as fashion trials and extra bonus payments! Once you’ve allowed Slicethepie to retrieve your location you should be able to complete registration and get reviewing. Drop us an email if you have any issues with this.

Where is Slicethepie available?

Slicethepie is currently available in most English-speaking territories and Germany. If you have any questions about a specific territory we’ll be happy to help – please get in touch with us at However, please do be aware that all of our customer support is conducted in English.

Can I review on mobile?

Our Android and iOS apps are coming soon!

Refer a friend

How do I invite friends?

Send your referral code or link (in the Refer a Friend page when logged in) to your friends, ask them to either enter your code when they register, or they can sign up directly from your link where your code will fill in automatically. You'll then start receiving bonus payments for every review they submit! Easy as pie!

You will only receive referral bonuses on new users that sign up to Slicethepie with your code.

When do I get my commission?

Your commission will appear in your Transactions (Account & Balance section) as soon as your referral has submitted their review. It will appear as 'review commission'.

How many friends can I refer?

You can invite as many friends as you like!

How can I see how many referrals I have?

In your Refer a Friend page you'll see a number, this displays how many friends you've successfully referred to the site. You can also see by clicking on your balance in the top right corner.

How long will I receive the referral bonuses for?

For 1 year from the point that your friend leaves their first review.

Any other questions?

Drop us an email on or get in touch via the Contact form here.

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