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Who we are

Slicethepie launched back in 2007 as a fun and interactive site to identify the best up and coming artists. We rapidly evolved into the web’s largest music review engine that now provides on demand feedback to most of the major US record labels and thousands of independent artists every month.

In 2015 additional review categories were added, including fashion, mobile phone accessories and others.

All the ratings and reviews left by our reviewers are used to provide real time predictive insight to music executives, designers, buyers and merchandisers in large and small organisations to help them decide which products will be most successful.

We now have over 2 million reviewers with thousands of new ones signing up every day.

We don’t do vouchers or discounts, we only pay real money (via PayPal) to reviewers for each and every review they leave - and anyone can sign up at any time.

The 18 strong, multicultural (7 nationalities) Slicethepie team is based in Reading, UK and Connecticut, New York – and over half of us are developers and data scientists. Yes, it’s wild.

We do not have Slicethepie T-Shirts, pins, baseball caps or ‘team-building’ days. But we do play a lot of fussball and ping pong and party together whenever possible. Meet the team on our Instagram page here.

If you have any questions about using the site just hop over to our FAQs.

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