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Terms & Conditions

  1. Slicethepie is about fun, so have fun, kick back and review to your very best ability.
  2. Be aware that your reviews go directly to artists, record labels and radio stations. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Every review counts. Please ensure that your reviews are constructive. A good reviewer will comment on a range of track elements as well as writing several sentences. Please ensure that your reviews are written in good English.
  3. Please don't cheat*. If you cheat, we will not pay you. That's official. And we'll block you from using the site. Slicethepie reserve the right to remove balances at our discretion.
  4. You may find that some of the tracks on Slicethepie contain explicit lyrics. Please review these as you would any other songs.
  5. Your details: We will never share your details with anyone else (especially any artist you leave reviews for). Plus although we love you, we won't email you unless there's something special going on that's relevant to you. Just occasionally you might get an email from us promoting one of our partners but in any event all email settings can be configured from within your account.
  6. Please note that we require your Date Of Birth when making a PayPal withdrawal.
  7. If you do not login to your account for a period of 2 years or more, your account will automatically be closed and any outstanding balance cancelled. So if you are leaving us, make sure you take your earnings with you!

*Cheating includes multiple browsing/using multiple accounts/scouting with others/copy and pasting/submitting reviews via a proxy server/VPN/using a bot/writing nonsense or inappropriate comments/using a translation tool to write reviews/writing reviews in poor quality English/not listening to the music etc. As a guiding principle, if you think the artist might not be happy about the way you are scouting then you are probably cheating. Cheating also includes reproducing, copying, modifying or otherwise stealing any Slicethepie content without our permission... Yep, the bottom line is: have fun, don't steal stuff and don't cheat.

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